University College Roosevelt Eleanor Green Office 

The Eleanor Green Office, through its presence and actions, strives to thematize sustainability and conscious living. The Office organizes clothing exchanges, guest lectures, and workshops, among other things, to emphasize the need for change, and to provide concrete examples and possibilities for those looking to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. To add to these activities, the Green Office is also looking to support student initiatives and projects in whichever way is needed. We look to encourage students to do their own projects, as well as provide them with the opportunity to do research and internships related to sustainability in the Zeeland region. Furthermore, the Green Office aims to fulfil an advisory position regarding decisions to be made by the university. The Eleanor Green Office is a linking and initiating actor, open to any collaboration and project that benefits sustainability within the community. Great emphasis is put on inclusivity and plurality, as the UCR community holds much potential. Tapping into this to tackle sustainability will create an atmosphere of innovation and change, toward a greener future. ​
The Green Office Board: Jessica Tax,  Tabita Houtman, Johanna Taake & Tiara Dusselier
Faculty Advisor: Dr. İlke Ercan

Eleanor Green Office Groene Gids [Dutch]
Eleanor Green Office Green Guide [English]

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